Lyndsay Berschauer

The sponsor of the latest Recall Lindsay Berschauer campaign, Save Yamhill County, lists on their web site that one reason for the recall is:

“Commissioner Berschauer operates a political consulting business while acting as county commissioner but has never disclosed her clients.”

Newberg Dundee News investigated this statement by the Recall Campaign and discovered that Berschauer does own a consulting business named Leona Consulting.  The Oregon Secretary of State Business database shows over 200 client customer transactions for Leona Consulting. The earliest is March 2013 when the business was established. The last transaction for Leona Consulting was recorded in November 2020 two months before Berschauer was sworn into office as County Commissioner.

The data shows multiple business addresses over time with the most recent and likely address, a residence in Carlton with a listed phone number.

We called the number and guess who answered? “Hi, this is Lindsay.”

After introductions Berschauer explained that yes, she owns the business but it has not been active since Nov 2020 because, “I thought it would be completely unethical to operate the business when I’m Commissioner, obviously….”  When asked about her failure to reveal her clients: “Its because the business is idle and my client list is nobody else’s business…! And besides, every February we [elected officials] are required to report our incomes and activities from all sources including stocks. Everything is in there.” Why are you answering the Leona phone? "It's my phone. My personal cell phone that I use for everything...."

Berschauer says she conducts a weekly “Friday Coffee with the Chair!” live stream on Facebook. She expects to dissect the many false and misleading claims of the Save Yamhill County recall organization over the next several weeks during her Friday ‘broadcast’. Stay Tuned